Re-membering and reclaiming lives from abuse
(Re-membering and reclaiming lives from abuse)

Re-membering conversations and reclaiming lives from abuse

This online course is a unique opportunity for practitioners. Due to many requests, it includes video footage of Michael White facilitating a re-membering conversation with Chris and Jussey (Chris' referring social worker). This conversation took place at Dulwich Centre in 2000. This course also includes video footage of Chris and Jussey discussing and reflecting upon this conversation with Michael ten years later. These reflections have been filmed especially for this course.

Chris and Jussey also speak about their work with Silent Too Long: a group for women survivors of childhood sexual abuse and how narrative practices can assist women to reclaim their lives from the effects of abuse.

This course will be invaluable to practitioners who wish to learn about the narrative practices of re-membering conversations and the 'migration of identity' map. It will also be vitally relevant to those working with survivors of abuse.

A number of key articles are also included. You will be invited to offer your reflections on the videos and articles, to participate in a quiz, and to write a short paper in relation to re-membering practices.

We have been very much looking forward to making this course available to practitioners ... and we will be passing your comments and reflections back to Chris and Jussey.

Once you enrol in this course you will have access to the materials for three months. Please note that the materials are for student's private use only. They are not to be shared more widely. This is particularly important because this course includes footage of a real narrative therapy session. By purchasing this course, you are agreeing to these conditions. Thanks!

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